Thursday, November 29, 2012

Secrete Desire pt 2

        The night of Jenna's party I was beside myself because I knew what Liz and Matt were going to be doing. It's not even as if I cared about them hooking up, I know of plenty of people "hooking  up" but something about it was still bothering me. I think it was the fact that I really didn't want to break up with Matt, I just really felt Liz could give him what he needs, I'm not really the marrying type anyways. Speaking of needs I really need a drink! As I'm making my way through the crowd Jenna pops up behind me. "Hey you, I'm so glad you could make it! Where's Matt, I haven't seen him ?" "Well we sort of broke up." "No way you two were like the perfect couple." "I know but you know how things go." So I'm drinking my beer and I start to feel sick to my stomach, I couldn't figure out why, I had only had one beer! "Jenna look I'm not feeling so great so thanks for inviting me but I've got to go." "Okay text me later and let me know how you're doing?" "Okay I will, bye." As I'm walking to the door I see Matt walk in looking exceptionally hot with his golden brown hair, ocean blue and he's wearing two things, my favorite shirt on him the Iron Maiden tee I bought him and the other thing I didn't like so much, which was Liz on his arm. Liz tried to come up and say hi as Matt pulled her away trying to avoid eye contact with me.
             I just left, walking home looking like an idiot. I guess the break up didn't become real to me till that very moment when I saw him with Liz, and I just know she's going to be sucking his dick tonight! I really fucked things up bad! Aaron walks up "are you okay Case?" "yeah I'll be fine." I put on a fake smile to prove that I was fine. "You don't look okay, let me walk you home!?" "Okay, so hey what do you think about Liz?" "Well I'm not gonna lie she's pretty hot, Long black hair, tall, great body she definitely works out, pretty hazel eyes and those nice soft pink pouty lips, she's a bombshell!" "Well I don't look so bad do I?" "No way, look she is hot I'm not lying to you about that but honestly I'd have to say you're hotter!" "really, you're just saying that to make me feel better, I'm short, skinny, and boobs hello when do you think you wanna come visit? " (lol) "Okay first of all your boobs are great, not that I've been really checking but what I can see they look great to me." "Thanks " "Anytime"
        "So this is me" "cool" "Do you wanna chill, my family's gone for a week so It's kind of lonely?" "Yeah I've got nothing better to do I don't have a curfew." "Okay, well sit down on the couch make yourself comfortable." "Yes dear" (In a playful tone) "I'll get some drinks, do you like Coke?" "Yeah that sounds great, thanks." Okay I know this is bad but Aaron looked really hot sitting on my couch, it was almost like we were playing house and I kind of liked it. Just look at him in his Zeppelin tee, longish black hair green eyes (which I love). He has his tongue  pierced and all the time I was thinking about  Liz sucking on Matt, but everytime I thought about that I was distracted by the thought of Aaron licking my clit with his piercing. "So did I tell you that Matt and I  split?" "No you didn't that sucks for him, he's missing out on a sexy little number like you!" "Okay did you just describe me as "sexy little number"?" "Yeah I guess I did, sorry if I'm being a little forward but you're beautiful and I'm not just saying that!" Before I could even respond he had his pierced tongue in my mouth, and as it was there I couldn't help but wish it was somewhere else.  As we are making out I can feel my pussy getting soaked and I think he noticed too cause he was now rubbing on my tits. He takes off his shirt and he just had abs for days it's like they never ended. He lays on top of me still with his tongue down my throat and I wasn't hating it. I could feel his body so warm as he takes off my tee, his body against mine just feels so good like I can't even describe it. I can feel him getting harder through his fitted jeans, I just can't wait to put that in my mouth! I have no idea what he's wearing but he smells so fuckin good! He starts kissing his way down my neck and his breath is just so hot as I  begin having shortness of breath. He sucks and licks on my nipples, while his hands slide down my jeans and unbuttons them, he then unzips them and reaches his fingers down my panties and rubs the tips of his fingers on my clit. Oh it feels so good as I start to moan, he notices so he kisses his way lower down my torso, takes off my pants and panties, and in one clear moment I realize I'm about to get what I've been fantasizing about all evening! He starts by flicking this tongue on my clit and swirling the ball of his piercing around it and I feel like I'm just in ecstasy. "I better calm down before I cum!" "No I want you to cum, then it's your turn to make me cum." "Okay" He just starts lapping away at my clit, sticking that pierced tongue in my pussy and sucking on my clit. Ohohohohohohoh I moan as I cum hard!!!! I stop to catch my breath for a second and grab some of my Coke. He just looks at me staring at my tits and everything else, I suppose just taking me in. I notice he took off his pants and boxers as his dick is now hard as a rock and staring right at me. I walk over to him and kneel in front of him taking his shaft into my hands and start jacking him off while anticipating sucking on his what seems to me as his huge cock, I've only been with one other guy and that was Matt, and Aaron was much bigger and I liked it. So I start teasing him placing the tip of my tongue on his head and started sucking on it. I decide that I just wanna go for it cause I can't wait to stick the whole shaft into my mouth, I start sucking up and down up and down his dick, while deep throating him I make sure that I  put my tongue on his balls and he loves it as he moans "Ooohhhh" He places his hand on the back of my head as I suck harder. I run my teeth lightly up and down his shaft and twirl my tongue around it then start sucking some more making like a suction cup him my mouth. He gives out a loud moan "OOoooooooohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" and he shoots his load right into my mouth and I swallow it. "Hey can I take a shower?" "yeah go ahead towels are in the bathroom." As he is in the shower I can't but watch him but it was really hard to see due to the fact that the bathroom was all foggy from the steam but what I could see of him made me wet again, I never realized how hot he is before. I go into my room and grab my vibrator and service myself as fast as I could before he get out. He comes out in just a towel skin and hair all wet, muscles glistening. "You can just hang out in here for a while I'll be back I need a shower now too. "When I get back from my shower he's fast asleep and I didn't want to wake him so I got dressed and crawled into bed with him half hoping he would wake up so we could fuck but he was out like a light, it wasn't long before I was too. The next morning I wake up and realize he's still in my bed and I lay there next to him for a moment and oddly think how nice it feels, maybe I just wanted to test the water. I go into the kitchen and make eggs, pancakes and bacon with a glass of OJ, acting as if I'm his wife, in a way I kind of liked it but mostly it just freaked me out. "Good morning darling I see you made breakfast, it looks great thanks you didn't have to do that." "I know, I just thought you would like it and it was mostly a thank you for making me feel better last night, plus it's just good hospitality." As he was eating I was wishing he would hurry up and get out of my house cause I needed to process what had just happened. "Alright I've got to go but I was wondering before I do, can I take you on a date sometime?" "Um well it's complicated, I just want to be friends with benefits if you know what I mean, I mean I just got out of a 3 year relationship so I'm not really ready to start dating or anything but last night was fun, thanks."  "Ok bye" "Bye"

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