Monday, November 19, 2012

Into the Kink


                               Kink such a Cute Word...but what does it mean to you?

I'm not really sure I'm into kink that much but as we know there are many many people who are. There are certain degrees of kink, different levels that people can enjoy. There is slight kink from like being smacked on my butt and pinched,being held down and maybe a little nibbling. Then there's a whole other world, i say its like a whole other world because it truly is, there is rooms of torture , anything from being gang banged, tired up throughout your entire body in different sections, being beaten to the point of bruises, being peed on and of course cum on. There are devices for the submissive who do exactly what there masters say, not something i would think many people would be into, to be submerged in this world/lifestyle. OK don't get me wrong all I'm saying is everyone is entitled to what they are they are into. Me personally, I'm into a little kink the mild "soft core" So just let me know what you think about the



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