Sunday, November 18, 2012

First Time

                                             So First Time

OK so if you are a teen more than likely you have already lost your virginity!
How was it? Maybe it was wonderful with the guy that you are/were super in love with. Maybe it wasn't so great. Maybe it was forced or at a drunken party.

                      Blissful Paradise, Mine Not So Much  

so i met this guy at a local downtown coffee shop in my town. Charming,wonderful,cool and older everything a seventeen year old girl could want. So after meeting him and hanging out for a while  we were sitting on top of his car and we kissed. Nothing could be so blissful and more of a rush. So we started labeling our relationship as most people who are attracted to each other do and things were great. He picked me up after school and we would hang out. One day i have this idea to go back to his apartment and so he shows me around his place, definitely a bachelor pad but who cares right this is my older boyfriends house as excited as i was! So he shows me to his bed and we sit down and start making out, then i asked his to lay on top on me like all of those romantic movies and girlish fantasies, being non experienced and naive. We start making out more and he asks me if I'm ready and if I'm sure about going any farther,me being young and feeling like I'm ready says yes. Now I'm not really sure if it's actually true but I've always heard it was supposed to hurt, having to pop the cherry and all but for me its didn't hurt at all. He tells me he's allergic to latex and can't wear a condom but it's ok cause he's great at pulling out, so i trust him. He enters me and I'm so into it that i don't even feel him inside of me. Now i don't want anyone to get the wrong idea my first time was not bad, it could have been much much worse. Now as the act itself wasn't bad, the method of not practicing safe sex was bad i could have gotten an STD or even pregnant. Also the guy himself wasn't a good choice for my first but hey it got that over with and i wouldn't advise having sex with someone unless you've been with him a while, you love him/her, feel for yourself that you are ready  not for the other persons sake, are ready to face the consequences of your adult action, and are going to practice safe sex, unlike i did.

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