Monday, November 19, 2012

Chubby.....=) Get Rid of thr Stigma R.I.P.


                               chubby is sexy too

These are pictures of folks that i think are beautiful and maybe overlooked. There is beauty in everyone and everyone can be sexy. Media shows us images of "false" beauty. Fake eyelashes, tons of makeup, (love makeup, ( DO NOT GET ME WRONG) photoshop, fake hair, legs longer than But real people can be sexy too. I'm not saying at all that thin or fit or ripped people are not beautiful i mean we all look at them, and i will give them  all their own post but this is for our beautiful chubby people!!! <3 Marilyn Manson has a song called "the beautiful people" if you don't know that song its basically about how beautiful people get everything and get treated better, we should really should break that habbit. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, equality for eveyone. With that said i will start the Sexy Beautiful Chubby Photo Gallery

 And These are the things we do just like everyone else does and its fun ;) We are sexy too!!!!

  And this is my wonderful boyfriend that i love with all my heart!!! As you can see we are chubby too <3 =)

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