Sunday, November 25, 2012

Chubby Sex...I Bet You're Curious

                             Chubby Sex

Honestly it's alot harder to do than skinny people. Chub gets in the way and sometimes stuck to eachother, but it can be done. We can do all the same things that skinny people can do, it's just not as pretty. The guys despite popular belief are not "smaller" they just apppear that way because there is fat covering some of it. Don't get me wrong it is not ugly or gross in any sort of way, it's a beautiful thing either way. Also on a side note, it still feels great and does not effect performance! It's honestly a fun activity regardless your size or build, it's also still sexy. There are many positions you can do, you just have to find what works for you. If you are a girl who is not a size 5 and still want to feel sexy lingerie is a great way to cover what you don't want seen and make you feel sexy. Guys with the not so "problem" i mentioned earlier, you're not "small" okay and don't let that get you down, tell your partner how you feel, more than likely she is feeling the same way about herself tell eachother how much you love one another and that their body does not bother you because they are sexy to you.  To spice things up with eachother be adventurous and try new things, you may have to try a few time before you get it right but you can do it, also don't be afraid of bringing toys into your relationship, use them on eachother and most of all remeber to relax and have a great time and you will. If you do not know what this looks like i have pictures for you so you can get an idea. It is not nasty (unless you want it to be ;D) it's a beautiful and wonderful thing that God blessed us with.

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