Thursday, January 31, 2013


 Valentines Day...Are you prepared?

So the best day of the year to most girls and some not so much.  For guys it means spend most of your paycheck!!!! Now girls remember that it's the thought that counts so when that day comes and you have a small box of chocolates don't be alarmed, that doesn't mean he doesn't like or love you in fact it means quite the opposite! Now ladies just because this is about you and he has to get you stuff  just remember that you have to have something for him in return....get some sexy lingerie and set the mood with flowers, make him dinner, him taking you out to a nice fancy dinner is a way of showing you he has dough but at home it's a lot more intimate and not to mention private! Guys don't take this lightly though cause if you have a girl, she probably is expecting the works, flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and no woman will ever be disappointed with jewelry. It may seem very commercialized and that's because it is, but our society is telling us that this is appropriate valentines day behavior so unfortunately no matter how much you love a girl if you show up on V-Day empty handed you and going to have a very lonely night. now I'm done ranting about all those cute little lovebirds lets look at this from the other side now if you're single that's completely different, if you're a guy it's normal everyday business as usual obviously you can't give yourself a blow job that's common knowledge but you can spend it like a normal guy with delivery dinner, and jacking off to porn good right you don't need anyone just you, yourself, and you. Now single ladies might be more depressed simple solution, be your guy and your girl make yourself a nice dinner cause you don't want to go to a restaurant (the crowds and all the "happy couples") so stay  home cook yourself a romantic dinner buy yourself something nice some flowers and chocolates just for you get some sexy lingerie pop in your favorite romantic movie pull out your best and I do mean your very best sex toy  and if you don't have one get one.... and imagine that you're with your favorite actor in the film just have a romantic night in with yourself cause a man cannot love you like you can love yourself!!! OK so I don't want to leave anyone out so if your gay everything I just said only reversed, except the single ladies part now if you're gay and you are single gather up your single girlfriends who are gay straight bi and all that good jazz and have a great sleepover and you just might get lucky. ;) So this is my Valentines Day advise just be happy healthy safe and most of all have fun don't be depressed there's no sense in that.